It’s Not Enough That You Make Great Art.  
We Artists often beat ourselves up for
not having a bigger, more impressive
resume, not selling enough work on a
regular basis, not getting into the right
exhibitions, or for not winning a
particular grant or award.

Add to that the challenge of trying to
juggle studio time, family time, and a
“day job”, the result-- overwhelm!
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You  need support, guidance, and accountability.
You'll have access to:
- Monthly Q&A podcasts on topics YOU choose.
- Interactive work message boards.
- Accountability partner matching and goal "work teams".
- Twitter Chats, Tweet-ups, and Brainstorming Sessions.

Not only will you have access to information and advice to
help you build a strong foundation for your Creative
business, you’ll also be part of a positive, energetic, hard-
working creative community that will keep you on track by
supplying you with accountability and the support you need.
Creative Circle Coaching is a
powerhouse creative community that
will help you get clear about your
goals and understand exactly what
steps you need to take for your career.
Creative Circle Coaching is for Artists and Creatives who are ready to shine!