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Kesha Bruce's work explores the complex connections between history, personal
mythology, and magical-spiritual belief in the African diaspora. Her latest work is concerned primarily with
exploring the ways vibrant color and abstract symbols can not only trigger powerful emotion but begin to
conjure narratives.  

Inspired by the belief that hand-made objects can be imbued with the spiritual energy and the intention of
the maker, Kesha Bruce employs a labor-intensive creative process of dying, ripping, knotting and the
cutting away of fabric to create each painting. The resulting pieced, patched, and assembled surfaces use
repetition and pattern to hint at dream languages or perhaps hidden sacred texts.

A direct outgrowth of her daily spiritual practice, these new works are an effort to translate the
expansiveness of the artist’s inner joy and reclamation of freedom into a visual language.

With her most recent body of work, We Can Birth Worlds, Kesha Bruce creates visual landscapes to dream
into. Landscapes for present and future Black joy, possibility, and ultimately liberation.